Introducing the Metta Membership

a monthly coaching membership for women who want to up-level their career and well-being, the Metta Membership It’s an all-encompassing culmination of expert coaching and holistic development resources to meet you where you are, when you need it most. Whether you’re working toward a promotion, starting a business or making a meaningful transition, with ongoing support from our team of coaches and access to the Metta Membership’s community and resources, you will create a roadmap for lasting change and be held accountable for taking purposeful action on it.

Monthly Coaching

We use our expert coach-matching process to pair you with a coach who will help you maximize your personal and professional potential --motivating you to make the transformational shift from where you are now to where you want to be, holding you accountable every step of the way.

On-Demand Masterclasses

On-demand expert masterclasses that up-level your professional skills and wellness, on topics like negotiation, personal productivity, public speaking, somatic tools for stress reduction, and more!

Weekly Movement & Meditation Classes

Prioritize your physical and mental well-being with our weekly workouts and meditation classes brought to you by incredible industry-leading fitness and mindfulness gurus! 

+ a community of like-minded women

Members are paired with a Metta Maven Squad -- a small, diverse group of peer members who are at similar points in their career or who have similar interests or goals as you. This group gives you the support and accountability you need to make your future a priority!


""Through coaching I learned that my fears of career transitions, judgement, failure, etc. all started in the way I talked to myself. Once my coach and I worked together to rephrase all the negative talk within my mind, I was able to move forward and make big changes.""

Porter T.

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